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As plaintiff’s lawyers, we have the great responsibility and unique honor of helping those in need as part of our everyday law practices. Many lawyers, however, take it upon themselves to go beyond the call of duty and spend their time and resources aiding those in our community simply because they care about making our world a better place. 

Nelson Tyrone and his team at Tyrone Law Firm take giving back to a new level. Tyrone’s law practice focuses on birth injury cases. And, as a result of this practice area, Tyrone devotes a significant amount of time to charitable work involving children with physical and developmental disabilities. 

Tyrone told Verdict, “I grew up with a father who was a doctor who spent his professional life trying to help people. When I realized that medical school was not my path I looked to the lawyers in my family and believed I could help people as a lawyer. As a birth injury lawyer I am able to help families in a way that changes their – and their children’s – lives. But we wanted to give back outside our day-to-day work as well.”

In 2017 Nelson and his firm founded “Tyrone’s Tykes,” a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that distributes five percent of all profits they make at Tyrone Law Firm to charities that support children with physical and developmental disabilities. The current charities they support through an annual gift are: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA); Extra Special People (ESP); Lekotek; Camp Twin Lakes; and, The Kyle Pease Foundation.*links below.

“My practice as a lawyer is limited to representing families of children injured during birth. It feels really good to do the work we do, but I wanted us to be involved with this community outside of our day-to-day work as lawyers… so, we have done that,” explains Tyrone. “It really feels like a good mix of using our legal skills, and using our hands and our hearts to help out. I’m really proud of the work we do in our law firm in our birth injury practice and I’m really proud of the work we do in the community.” 

Further, the lawyers, paralegals and medical professionals at Tyrone’s firm donate their time and fundraise for events that support children with disabilities. The most recent events they have participated in and fundraised for are: running in the Publix Half-Marathon with a wheelchair-bound athlete in support of the Kyle Pease Foundation; sponsoring and running in a 5K road race “Pound the Pavement for Peter” for children with Paroxysmal Disorders; spending a weekend a year as a caregiver for a wheelchair-bound child at Camp Twin-Lakes; and jumping out of a plane to help raise money for ESP. 

In addition to their work for children with physical and developmental disabilities, Tyrone and Tyrone Law Firm also provide pro bono services to Covenant Community Inc. (CCI), a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for homeless men, operated by All Saints’ Episcopal Church in midtown, Atlanta. Tyrone is proudly fifteen years sober and recognizes that drug and alcohol abuse can often hit close to home for lawyers and those in the legal profession. He and his firm donate around 100 hours a year on average to the men in the CCI program.

“The men have the kinds of legal problems you might expect given that they have been homeless (debt collection, minor criminal issues/probation issues, child support, etc.),” Tyrone states. “Where we can represent them ourselves, we act as their lawyers. Clearing up your past is a necessary step in recovery. The men come to us voluntarily and ask for help. Our run is as long as they are sober, and in the program, they have a lawyer for free.”

Verdict asked Tyrone how our readers can help his legal efforts with CCI. “When the men have a legal need we are not competent to serve, we call in favors from other lawyers,” Tyrone said. “If anyone reading this has a background in family law, or debt collection/bankruptcy, or criminal law and would be willing to handle one pro-bono client a year in Atlanta we could use the help!” ●

Madeleine Simmons is a partner based in the Atlanta office of Morgan & Morgan, P.C. She is the outgoing Chairman of the Verdict Editorial Board and the incoming GTLA Parliamentarian. Madeleine can be reached at


For more information on the charities mentioned above, please visit their websites:

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA)

Extra Special People (ESP)


Pound the Pavement for Peter
Family Fun Run for Children with Disabilities.

Kyle Pease Foundation
“Where There’s a Wheel There’s A Way”

Camp Twin Lakes
Camps for Children with Serious Illnesses and Disabilities.

Covenant Community, Inc.
Rehabilitation and Life Stabilization Program for Homeless Men.

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