Continuing GTLA’s Legacy of Greatness in 2018 – 2019


As I begin my term as the 2018 – 2019 President of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, I am reminded of the long lineage of leaders who came before me and the immeasurable success enjoyed by this organization at their hands. I am honored to join the ranks of such esteemed leadership and look forward to continuing the legacy of greatness that is the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.

In preparation for this daunting task, I began identifying the initiatives that I would make my guideposts as I move through my term. First and foremost, we are a membership organization. The elite individuals who make up the more than 2000-member roster of GTLA are the very reason we exist, and our duty as an organization is to provide support in whatever manner necessary to ensure access to justice for your clients. This includes top-notch CLE offerings, and GTLA has established itself as the premier outlet for CLEs in Georgia, selling-out every major event for the past three years. By crafting some of the most engaging and unique work-shops, our organization is able to keep up with the ever-evolving legal and technological climate to offer the most effective legal education to our members.

Education is a crucial aspect of any successful legal organization, but GTLA is also unmatched in our legislative efforts. Every year from January to April, our lobbying team spends their days at the State Capitol defending your clients’ rights from those who attempt to thwart access to justice in the state of Georgia. We have spent years cultivating meaningful relationships with members of the General Assembly, but, in order to be truly effective, we need your help. First, you can contribute to the Civil Justice PAC of GTLA which allows us to support pro-civil justice candidates financially (like those up for election or re-election in the November General Election). The Civil Justice PAC is the largest single PAC in Georgia, but we can only maintain that status thru continued support from our membership.

While we need support financially, we also want to provide opportunities for members to engage with their local elected officials, establish a relationship with them, and become a valued resource to them. In hopes of providing said opportunities, we have re-vamped the 2018 Justice Tour to feature panel discussions consisting of area State Representatives and State Senators to answer your legislative questions and give you a preview of the upcoming 2019 Legislative Session. We will have eight events around the state and hope that you can join us for one of the tour stops! If you would like more information about the tour, please visit the GTLA website.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support of GTLA for affording me the great honor of serving as your President for the coming year. Our work in the pursuit of justice never ends, but I relish the opportunity to serve you, our organization, and our clients. I look forward to working with each of you as we continue the remarkable work initiated by those who have come before us. ●

First and foremost, we are a membership organization…our duty as an organization is to provide support in whatever manner necessary to ensure access to justice for your clients.

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