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Clip & Save

> CLIP & SAVE Guide to Case Management Technology for Trial Lawyers By Leslie Cushner, Cushner Law & Mediation, LLC One of the most challenging parts about opening a new practice or revamping an old one is deciding which case management technology to use. A quick internet search reveals that there are seemingly endless choices out there for attorneys, each ...

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HIOJ: The Defendant’s Medical Records V. The Facts

HOW I OBTAINED JUSTICE The Defendant’s Medical Records V. The Facts By Geoffrey Pope & Marc Howard In 2012, a referring lawyer brought Terri Franklin to our office. Terri was a 31-year-old who had given birth less than a year earlier to a little girl named Kendyl. During her pregnancy, Terri had taken the teratogenic blood pressure medication Benicar. Also ...

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Workers’ Comp Updates: Winter 2017

By Dylan Bess EMPLOYER SUBJECT TO THE ACT WILLS V. CLAY COUNTY, 339 GA. APP. 79, OCTOBER 26, 2016 In this case, the Court affirmed the trial court’s determination that the employer was subject to the Act because he had at least three employees regularly in service. Wills entered into an agreement with Clay County to complete a construction project. Clay ...

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