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HIOJ: The Defendant’s Medical Records V. The Facts

HOW I OBTAINED JUSTICE The Defendant’s Medical Records V. The Facts By Geoffrey Pope & Marc Howard In 2012, a referring lawyer brought Terri Franklin to our office. Terri was a 31-year-old who had given birth less than a year earlier to a little girl named Kendyl. During her pregnancy, Terri had taken the teratogenic blood pressure medication Benicar. Also ...

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Unleashing the Power of Mediation in Professional Liability Cases

BY LEE WALLACE Professional liability cases ought to mediate regularly and successfully. After all, trial is an unsavory option in a malpractice lawsuit, given the high costs of experts, the complex subject matter that is difficult to explain to a jury, and the lengthy trial time. Furthermore, mediation can be very effective at resolving cases. For example, in the medical ...

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Emergency Vehicle Tort Liability Due Regard V. Reckless

BY LEE GUTSCHENRITTER AND GARY THOMPSON In an urban environment, it is almost an everyday occurrence to witness a first responder emergency vehicle (typically with lights and sirens flashing and blaring) speeding through city streets. The more prudent drivers of these emergency vehicles remain aware of their surroundings and slow down as they approach intersections to make sure they are ...

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